Ostroh: in the Shadow of History

by admin

“Ostroh: in the Shadow of History” is a full-length documentary film about the complex history of a small regional center of the Rivne region. This film is a portrait of one of the ancient city, which surprisingly combines the past and the present, the ruins and innovation. The film’s protagonist, Anatoly Helenyuk, talks about the city of his youth, about the city where his parents were living, by the combining of his own emotional experiences with the objective facts of history. In fact, Ostrog’s story consists of different stories, forming lace of voices, styles, monuments, and photographs. Through careful examination of each of these elements, Ostroh is opening in front of us as with its own advantages and disadvantages, with traumas and sorrows. This film tells the story of the majestic clan of princes Ostrozhsky, who were patrons of the Ukrainian Oxford – The National University of Ostroh Academy. This university is full of intellectual and spiritual energy as well as indefatigable students. At the same time, we see archival footage when Ostroh overcame the injustice of historical challenges against the power of authorities. Comments and memories of the founders, politicians, historians, philosophers and ordinary residents of Ostroh are other semantic layerings of the city.

All this reveals to us a city that has frozen in time and space. Ostroh has its own aura, people while demanding attention and care, like every living being with body and spirit.

The project was implemented by the students of The National University of Ostroh Academy with the support of the administration of the university and the Ostroh Historical and Cultural Reserve


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