About Us

Towns are the special social and cultural niche with a special economic system and type of life.

Everyone can agree that the obvious feature of town’s “landscape” is its similarity to the village and its close relation to rural lifestyle. At the same time it is a city, so all the life organization of people not follow the rules of a village, but the rules of the city.

River, a monastery on a high shore, houses drowning in gardens, town square with the administrative buildings and the monument to fallen fellows, railway station, factories with work settlements on the outskirts and then fields and forests beyond it all.

Peasant and urban attitude of the people combine in the town’s cultural space, resulting in the unique ideological alloy. Dwellers of the small cities are the special cultural type of people.

The similarity of small cities, located in the same region, is by no means sameness of them. Arising in different historical moments, being on different sides of the demarcation line, being repressed or privileged, each town acquired its own, unique history.

Our organization has begun its existence when the group of students attempted to tell the story of the small town, where their university was located. Ten-month work of 12 people resulted in the full-length documentary film “Ostroh: in the shadow of history”, which tells about the difficult fate of a small regional center that had an influence on the entire Orthodox world.

The purpose of our organization is to carry out cultural and educational activities as well as to support and develop any media projects related to the development of the tourism industry in unprivileged towns with historical background.

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